St Endellion Neighbourhood Plan Opens for Regulation 14 Consultation

May 15th – June 26th 2019

We used all the information you gave us to find out what you care about and used this as the basis for detailed questionnaires and consultation. Planning consultants employed by the Parish Council have now outlined the policies of the plan for consultation which we believe will have community support.

But Cornwall Council need to check that you agree. Neighbourhood Development Plans are strengthened by public feedback, so it’s really important you have your say at this stage, and tell us if you think we have got it right or not. This is called Regulation 14, and is a 6 week formal consultation process. All feedback you give us will be reviewed, and will either be absorbed into the plan or an

 explanation provided to justifying why it isn’t. This might change the plan, or it might be that not enough people agree with you to make changes. But it is important that as many of our community as possible, across all age groups engage tell us what they think. We will consult not only you, but everyone, including developers, businesses, and national organisations like the NHS.

In the next stage the plan and supporting documents are submitted to a Public Examiner, to checks the plan reflects your opinions and also complies with both the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and the Cornwall Local Plan (CLP).

Sometimes an Examiner might ask for changes to be made, but if the examiner agrees it is a good plan, then by the end of the summer Cornwall Council will organise a community vote. If 50% +1 of those who vote approve it, the plan then becomes a legally binding document, and everyone will have to comply with its policies when making planning decisions about our Parish.

           Public Consultation Events

 Trelights Methodist Chapel: 18th May 10a.m.-4p.m. & 19th May 10a.m.-3p.m.                 

Port Isaac School: 25th & 26th May 10a.m.-4p.m.

Where you can read the plan: Port Isaac Practise, Trevathan Farm, The Long Cross Hotel, The Pottery Café, The Golden Lion, The Slipway Hotel, and The Old School.

Go to:  and click the feedback tab to comment after 15th May. Feedback in all formats is welcome, but it’s easier to collate the information if you fulfil online!

Want a hard copy to read at home? Or aren’t able attend any of the events or access the plan online, please ask for assistance, call our Chairman, David Raynor on: 01208 880211 to requested a hard copy, or email our Parish and we will post you a copy without charge.

St Endellion Neighbourhood Development Plan 2019-2030 Regulation 14 Version April 2019

This document is the Draft St Endellion Rural Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). It presents the Vision and Objectives for the area over the NDP period to 2030 and presents planning policies which seek to enable delivery of this Vision and these Objectives. This document is supported by a number of other documents and background information which are referred to throughout. These supporting documents (‘the evidence base’) can be accessed at A glossary and abbreviations section is included at the back of this document for reference (Section 8).

A glossary and abbreviations section is included at the back of this document for reference (Section 8).