Building for Life 12 – 3rd Edition

This third edition of the guide was published in January 2015 by Nottingham Trent University on behalf of the Building for Life partnership (Design Council Cabe, the Home Builders Federation and Design for Homes – the inside cover of the guide contains a full list of authors, editors and contributors). It is based on the new National Planning Policy Framework and responds to the Government’s commitment to build more homes, better homes and involve local communities in planning.

Building for Life Guide

Trelights Village St Endellion Revocation Order 2013

As you are aware, the Council recently undertook a review the Trelights Village St Endellion (No 2) Tree Preservation Order. Following consultation and site visit the Council has decided to revoke the Order as:
T1 – the tree no longer exists
T2 and T3 – these trees are under the control of the Parish Council and therefore should be managed responsibly and thus are perceived to be under little threat.
G1 – it is considered that the trees within this group are not of sufficient health or amenity value to remain protected.
A copy of the Trelights Village St Endellion (No 2) (1987) Revocation Order 2012 is enclosed for your information. This Revocation Order only applies to the Trelights Village St Endellion (No 2) Tree Preservation Order 1987 and any
other controls are not affected.

Designation of the St Endellion Neighbourhood Area under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Cornwall Council has now designated the St Endellion Neighbourhood Area in accordance with a decision signed by Cllr Mark Kaczmarek, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Housing on the  4th March 2013. This follows public consultation by means of local press advertisement and Inclusion on the Council’s website, which took place between 25th January and 8th March 2013.

Letter from Sarah Arden, Principal Planning Officer, Planning and Regeneration for Cornwall Council.

Trio article on Localism March-2013

St Endellion Parish Council has decided to construct a Neighbourhood Plan. New planning law now changes all previous guidance, without a plan all decisions will be made at County level, and who wants that?!

Our parish council often complains about how little influence we have over planning decisions, so this is an opportunity to really make our voices heard!

Realistically, this plan must be one for development offering employment opportunities here in our village. Crucially we must also identify our housing needs, and assess how we can provide for them.

1st March 2013 Trio article on Localism