Members of the public who wish to make representations on any of the items listed below are asked to contact the Clerk by noon on 14th December 2020.

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Contract & Maintenance Supervisor Report – November 2020

Footpaths – Having walked Port Gaverne valley, mid-October, there was no progress on the broken stile/fencing. There were a couple of way markers down which have been reported to Cornwall Council. I walked the path from Pennants Cottage to the B3314 and found the Holy Well. It had water in, but is in a very overgrown and difficult place to reach. Another path in the area is completely blocked. However, it only crosses one field and leads to the B3314.

Public Conveniences – Broken hand sanitiser dispensers and missing social distance signage have been replaced at 3 of the toilet blocks. No cleaning was carried out over the weekend of 30/10/20 – 31/10/20, Cormac were informed.

  • The Main – Small leak from Unisex 2 Wallgate unit. Darren Milner checked it and felt it was probably just a loose fitting.  The draining system in Unisex 1 Wallgate was blocked, Darren Milner cleaned it out. Disabled WC coin machine needs resetting. I’ve tried, but have contacted Healthmatic for further advice. Unisex 2 coin machine also needed resetting which I’ve managed to do.
  • Roscarrock – South West Water contacted the Parish Clerk regarding over use of water. They requested a ‘stop tap test’ be carried out to see if there’s a leak either within the WCs or elsewhere. I carried out the test. However, the screen on the meter is very badly scratched so the photos I took were virtually unreadable. They were sent to SWW, who have suggested that they can arrange for someone to read the meter and to replace it if need be.
  • New Road – Coin machine on cubicle 2 was successfully reset as it hadn’t been recording any data. The disabled WC coin machine had a till receipt jammed into it with coins pushed in on top. The following day it needed to be readjusted from 19p to 20p. I managed to fix these issues. Met Cllr Penny at New Road, he suggested a new door closing mechanism for cubicle 1 door, to try to remedy the problem of it not closing properly. A loose loo seat in cubicle 3 and the door mechanism on cubicle 4 have all been sorted out by Phil Burnard.
  • Port Gaverne – The electricity and water meters were read and the info sent to Parish Clerk to forward to The National Trust.

Main car park – The ticket machines have had operating issues which AS Parking have remedied. Flowbird had provided a quote for the change of tariff. Just Park are putting together some suggestions on how they could improve the ticketing service that’s currently with Parkonomy.

Play area – There were 3 items on the most recent inspection report from Cormac. A loose screw on a panel at the bow of the boat. Phil Burnard fixed this. A small area of the matting is exposed under the swings, this was advisory along with a gate not closing. Funding for replacement swings; although, having researched extensively nothing seems to be available at the moment. But I’ll continue to check. Future monthly inspections for have become part of my role.

Fencing – Dog walking field below the Main car park; Phil Burnard has installed a gate at the entrance. Railings at the top of Tags Pit, Port Gaverne have become so corroded that the top rail has completely broken off. Leaving jagged uprights and no support to aid the public on the steps. Phil Burnard removed the dangerous metal and replaced the handrail. Also, an abandoned rent-a-fence panel from when the footbridge was repaired has been removed by Phil Burnard.

Cash collections from WCs – The cash has continued to be collected twice weekly. Cllr Raynor is continuing to bank the cash.

Notice Board – New Road notice board still needs to be replaced, Martin Collins (Rock Joinery) is hoping to start work on the board he’s willing to provide for free, in the next couple of months.

Interpretation Boards – Little Hill & Roscarrock Hill. I’m currently waiting for quotes for the replacements from two local companies.

Benches – Cllr Williams informed me that a bench at the top of Church Hill needed to be refixed to the base. Phil Burnard has done this. He has also been asked to remove the broken bench from St Endellion Cemetery. The cost of a replacement bench would be in the region of £150 for teak or £900 for recycled plastic. Standard wooden benches would cost from £150 and recycled from £800. The catalogue of all the benches in the parish completed.

Grass cutting & verges – A1 were only able to work on one day throughout October due to the adverse weather conditions. Tuesday 13th October Car park, playing field and cemetery. A1 have been asked to clear the area at the top of Church Hill near the newly refixed bench. Also, the stretch from low down Church Hill to South West Water Works. These areas are still not done as the weather’s been too bad.

Port Isaac Community Farmers Market – Was held on Sunday 25th October. The weather was fine and there was a good number of stalls and customers. The November market has been cancelled due to the recent lock-down restrictions.

New Road Shop – The row of lights in the lower area of the shop have been repaired. A replacement switch was fitted. The current tenants; Mr & Mrs Lomas indicated that they will not be putting in a bid for the tender on the new lease.

Litter – I’ve been in contact with Donna Latham at Cornwall Council for a definitive map outlining where street cleansing is contracted to be carried out, in the parish.

Pentus Wall – The damage noted earlier this summer has become worse. John MacDonnell has provided a verbal quote of, ‘no more than £350’ to repair it.

Virtual Council Meeting 2020-11-09


Members of the public who wish to make representations on any of the items listed below are asked to contact the Clerk by noon on 9th November 2020.
NOTE – anyone wishing to join the meeting, should follow the links below. It is the responsibility of all those joining a ‘Zoom’ meeting to check their security settings.

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