As you are aware, the Council recently undertook a review the Trelights Village St Endellion (No 2) Tree Preservation Order. Following consultation and site visit the Council has decided to revoke the Order as:
T1 – the tree no longer exists
T2 and T3 – these trees are under the control of the Parish Council and therefore should be managed responsibly and thus are perceived to be under little threat.
G1 – it is considered that the trees within this group are not of sufficient health or amenity value to remain protected.
A copy of the Trelights Village St Endellion (No 2) (1987) Revocation Order 2012 is enclosed for your information. This Revocation Order only applies to the Trelights Village St Endellion (No 2) Tree Preservation Order 1987 and any
other controls are not affected.