Established 4th February 2022

Community Land Trusts are a growing phenomenon, communities coming together to build Affordable Homes across all tenure types, where the affordability is locked in in perpetuity. We all know the housing issue here in our parish, home leavers and home makers alike struggle to afford to establish independent homes where house prices are at a premium.

Since our first meeting in February 22, we have drawn together a broad church of interested parties, from local business representatives to residents with a keen understanding of the housing issues this community endures. Since its inception our working group has met regularly, and with the benefit of funds from St Endellion PC conducted a parish wide housing survey  to demonstrate need. The analysis can be seen here.

With the support of our local hub, Cornwall Community Land Trust (CCLT), we have established a good working relationship with both Cornwall Council’s (CC) Affordable Housing Team, and our area Estates Management Team, to assist us in the search for suitable land. To that end, St Endellion PC will shortly be invited to submit to CC an application for up to 40k of Feasibility Funding to assess site suitability. We are grateful for the support of CC’s team & the ongoing legal and other support of CCLT our invaluable partners in this project.

By summertime, it is hoped we will have identified a suitable site, and will be working to submit an Outline Planning Application.

If you’d like to know more, and become a part of our growing movement please